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RMS Growers specializes in growing fresh mushrooms using natural log substrates to produce high quality products in a non-resource intensive manner.   The logs are harvested with sustainable forestry practices in mind, inoculated with spawn from proven producers and left to peacefully colonize in a shaded outdoor environment until they become ready to "fruit".  Our products and services include the following:

Fresh Mushrooms  - available through local farm markets and wholesale accounts. Information on the 2024 seasonal outlets will be published

  • Shiitake - available consistently mid-May through October

  • Various types of Oysters (pink, yellow, white)- several flushes early summer through mid-fall

  • Lions Mane - available May through October

Microgreens - available year round, fresh and local

  • Sunflower

  • Pea shoots

  • Arugula

  • Plus many more, custom requests can be supported

For folks that wish to grow and harvest mushrooms at home we offer several products including:

  • Fully prepared individual shiitake logs - fully colonized and ready to produce mushrooms (please see the gallery pictures).  These logs will produce mushrooms for 3-4 years.

  • Shiitake log packages which includes 6 logs (more or less available) and an onsite consultation - produce high quality fresh mushrooms virtually all season

  • Shiitake Log Inoculation Workshop - thanks to the participants in our 2023 workshop in May.  We are looking forward to hosting similar events in the spring of 2024.

Are you a CSA in Connecticut or Western Mass looking to add fresh shiitake mushrooms to your offerings?  We can offer larger quantities of prepared shiitake logs and the supporting consultation to enable you the add this product for the 2024 season.  Packages can be customized to fit virtually any circumstances, please contact us to discuss.

Please note all products and services are available in the central Connecticut region only.

For a discussion about log-based growing techniques please visit -

For a brief article in a local paper -

Phone: 860-593-2267


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